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Renowned as a best-selling author of Western historical and contemporary romance, Peggy McKenzie is a storyteller who has elevated love to legendary heights. Her passion for narratives steeped in the rich tapestry of the old West, brimming with adventure, second chances, and, above all, romance, has defined her literary journey.

The spark was ignited when she found herself captivated by the timeless love story of Miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon. Inspired, Peggy embarked on a mission to craft tales that resonated with her own unique voice and perspective. In 2016, she unveiled her debut novel, marking the beginning of a prolific career that has seen the publication of twenty-five captivating works...and counting.

Formerly a cowgirl hailing from the heart of Oklahoma, where she thrived in the adrenaline-fueled worlds of barrel racing and team roping, Peggy now calls East Texas home. Nestled right in the heart of cowboy country, this locale serves as the perfect backdrop for her literary explorations. It is here that she immerses herself in the essence of rugged, flawed heroes and the resilient, courageous women who dare to love them.

Peggy McKenzie doesn't just write stories; she crafts experiences. Open one of her books, and you won't simply read a tale; you'll live it. Inside the pages of her books is where love becomes legendary.

"You will not just read a story by Peggy McKenzie, you will live it."

Hildie McQueen-USA Today Best-Selling Author


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