Burro Canyon Ranch Series

Rising Star, Texas

The Burro Canyon Ranch has been in the Cooper family since 1836. Through the Civil War, The Great Depression, World War I and II and all the other ups and downs in the world, the one constant is the Cooper family loyalty--to each other and the ranch that is their family's legacy.


Join The Coopers of Rising Star, Texas, and their many neighbors, both friend and foe, as they learn to live, love and let go on the Burro Canyon Ranch.

Rising Star Homecoming


Cassandra Cooper has always been crazy about Hollywood golden boy. But everyone knows that. She’s been in love with him since they were high school sweethearts. Even after he left town leaving her with a broken heart, a silver heart-shaped locket, and a baby on the way. But, now he's back and she has a decision to make. Can she tell Jack about their son without putting them all in the spot light of a papparazzi maelstrom.  

Jackson McCloud has been back home one day and he's already kissed his high school sweetheart--on camera. He felt that old familiar spark but he had asked Cassie to marry him the day he left for Hollywood. She turned him down flat and made it crystal clear--she had her own dreams to chase and building a life on the road wasn’t an option.


Can Jack and Cassie’s love find middle ground to overcome their differences and create a stable environment to raise their son or has their chance at a happy ending dried up in the hot Texas wind.

Maverick from Down Under


Marcy Kincaid has spent her whole life trying to rise above her family's reputation. Thieves. White trash. Worthless. She'd heard it all before. But when the handsome, hunky Austrailian the Coopers hired to run the Burro Canyon Ranch stirs unexpected feelings, can she overcome her insecurities and open herself emotionally or is she doomed to follow her family's legacy?

Reed Williams jumped at the chance to give up his job as the location manager for a Hollywood production company and live his life long dream of running an iconic working ranch.  But  the last thing he expected to find on this west Texas ranch was someone as emotionally wrecked as he was. Could he overcome his tragic past and love again or was this unconventional bombshell getting ready to wreck his world?

The Stand In


Colt Cooper has always been the quiet, agreeable Cooper twin. So, when a friend of the family's niece comes to town to plan her wedding without her fiancee, Colt is happy to stand in as the groom during the wedding preparations. But when this hot little miss sets his blood on fire and threatens to scorch his world, can he speak up when the minister asks if there's anyone that objects to their union?


Abigail Westin is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Austin, Texas and she wants a country wedding. But when her fiancee has to leave for a business trip a month before the wedding, she's forced to do all the final preparations herself. Nothing is going as planned, especially her attraction to the sexy stand-in. Is this a case of misplaced romance 

under sunsets and fairy lights or is this quiet handsome cowboy the Real Mr. Right?

The Stand In's Brother


Cord Cooper is the outspoken, headstrong Cooper twin. He has lived and worked on the Burrow Canyon Ranch his entire life. Now his family's legacy is in jeopardy.  Cord is hell bent fo find out who is responsible for the fires, dead cattle and stolen horses. But when the beautiful new sheriff insists he leave the undercover work to a professional, he starts imagining just what undercover activities she has in mind. 


Kayla Hayworth has wanted to follow in her grandfather's law enforcement footsteps since her visits to his office in Eastland County when she was barely old enough to talk. And now, the town of Rising Star has hired her as her grandfather's replacement when he finally decided to retire. Kayla has always prided herself on being calm under pressure but when the gorgeous, rugged cowbody from the Burro Canyon Ranch puts pressure on her to find the person sabatoging the ranch, she's thinking about a different kind of pressure.


Can Cord and Kayla keep their attraction for each other at a slow burn or will their heat ignite into an inferno neither can survive? Join them as they work together to find out who is threatening to bankrupt the Cooper family's legacy.

Copyright 2020   Peggy McKenzie