The Langley Legacy



“Beare and Forebeare” (be patient and endure)


Meet the Langley’s who’ve traveled from their homeland of Ireland with only what they could carry. Along with the meager possessions brought from their homeland of Ireland, were a piece of lace and a silver pocket watch with the family motto “Beare and Forebeare” inscribed inside.

When the Langley’s settled in New Dawn Springs, Oregon, little did they suspect the land would be a legacy to those who would come after them and that the land would be owned by the family for generations to come. 

Follow the Langley’s rich family history through the years as told through the wonderful storytelling voices of these six bestselling authors. 


1850 - Finn’s Fortune - Kathleen Tighe Ball

1875 - Patrick’s Proposal - Hildie McQueen

1899 - Donovan’s Deceit - Kathy Shaw

1933 - Aidan’s Arrangement - Peggy McKenzie

1968 - Heath’s Homecoming - Merry Farmer

Present - Collin’s Challenge - Sylvia McDaniel

Finn's Fortune

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Langley Legacy- 1850

Running from the British, captivating Finn Langley flees from Ireland to America with a price on his head. Finding treachery the handsome Irishman must travel further to hide. He joins a wagon train and heads for Oregon.

Maureen McDonald leaves Ireland and travels to America in the hope of sending much needed money back to her family. Upon arrival she had no other choice but to become an indentured servant. In trying to protect her virtue she realizes she must run away and ends up owning land in Oregon.

Both Finn and Maureen must fight to claim their land, their freedom, and each other. Will they get a chance to build both their amazing love and a lasting legacy- the Langley Legacy? 

Patrick's Proposal

Langley's Legacy - 1875

A rash marriage proposal changes their lives forever, but will it keep her from danger or make things worse?  
Emma Davis has no recourse but to run for her life on a stormy night. Seeking shelter in a barn she prays for a reprieve from a life of misery. When the son of a family in good standing helps her, Emma knows he'll expect something in return. It's time to run again, but where can she possibly go?

Patrick Langley's life has been good but predictable. When a woman needing protection enters his life on a stormy night, little does he realize, just how much things are about to change. She brings equal parts of passion and danger. The first is stronger than any storm.

A story of trust and new beginnings. 

Note: Explicit Adult Content

Donovan's Deceit

Langley Legacy-1899

Can love grow in a bed of lies?
After ten years of dodging the law, bounty hunters, and Pinkerton agents, the infamous outlaw Donnie Langley wants to go straight. Only he'll have to "die" first.
In a bizarre twist of fate, Donovan finds his identical twin brother dead. The opportunity for Donovan to live his life as his law-abiding brother surrounded by family is too great to squander.
But his brother had secrets of his own. Like his impeding marriage to the Sheriff's daughter and a long list of folks who wanted him dead.

Aidan's Arrangement

Langley’s Legacy - 1933

Can an arranged marriage between two feuding families create a new beginning and help them survive the catastrophic financial devastation of the Great Depression or will secrets and betrayal doom them all to failure?

Maura Jackson has heard about the feud between her family and the Langley’s since she could walk. Her papa made certain she knew every despicable detail. But when her papa asks her to do the unthinkable, can she keep her part of the arrangement without losing her heart to the handsome enemy?

Aidan Langley’s life had been pretty good up to this point. But when financial setbacks threaten to rob his family of everything his parents and the generations before them worked so hard to claim, he was agreeable to do just about anything—even marry the great niece of the man who caused a black mark on his family’s name. One thing was for certain, his heart would never belong to Maura Jackson—and as soon as he lived up to his end of the bargain, he would set her free. 

A story of perseverance and discovering love in the last place you expected to find it.
Langley Legacy - 1968


Returning Vietnam War vet Heath Langley has a powerful family legacy to live up to. But his experiences in the jungles of Vietnam, including losing his best friend, have left him struggling to find his place in the world. Everything he thought his life would be has changed, and he doesn’t know how to keep up. Only one thing grounds him and keeps him going, the girl he left behind.


Barbie Rose is determined to be more than her mother’s generation ever dreamed of being. She’s well on her way after Aiden Langley hires her to manage Legacy Ranch. But not everyone likes seeing a woman in charge, and when Heath returns, her heart and her future hang in the balance. Especially since she can see how much healing Heath has to do.


But what could be the perfect relationship hits a snag when Barbie and Heath find themselves at odds over the horse that their friend Davy left behind after giving the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Can they learn to compromise and find their way forward together, or will the Langley Legacy end with them?

Heath's Homecoming

Collin's Challenge

The Langley Legacy Present Day
Can love overcome a generational feud?

For generations, Collin Langley’s family has owned the largest Appaloosa ranch in New Dawn, Oregon. When a long lost member of the Jackson’s lays claim to the land, reigniting the Langley-Jackson feud, he’s more than irritated. When the judge allows her petition to live at the Legacy, he’s furious. Except the red-haired beauty is not only gorgeous, but smart.

JoLeigh Jackson learns that the ascendant who joined the ancestral land with the Langley’s wasn't the heir apparent. Needing a large piece of property to fulfill her dream of an animal genetics lab, JoLeigh files suit against the despised Langley’s.

Can JoLeigh and Collin overcome secrets from the past? In the end, will possession of the land matter, or will love lay claim to their hearts.