The Angel Creek Christmas Brides



A Mail Order Bride, Secrets, Lies and a Christmas Miracle

Five best friends in the most difficult time of their lives, are desperate to find the security and happiness the Civil War took from them. Charleston no longer has any opportunities for single or widowed women. Looking for a chance to rebuild their lives , they make a pact with each other and answer an advertisement for brides in the Grooms Gazette.


They expect things to be difficult at first, but what they don't expect is for the winter storm of the century to arrive in Angel Creek, Montana Territory the same time they do.  Now, they are all snow bound with their new husbands. Can they overcome their 


Charity Kingston has to get out of Charleston or face life working in a brothel. But the past follows her to Angel Creek, Montana, revealing her Irish temper and the brothel owner’s demand for payment of her debt. 

After the war, Lewis Brown is given a chance at a new start in life. Taking a dead man’s identify he begins his new life as a saloon owner in Angel Creek. Imagine his surprise when a mail order bride comes with the saloon. In one twist of fate, his past is exposed, his secrets revealed and his worst nightmare confirmed.


Lewis and Charity need a Christmas Miracle.


Julia Hamel always dreamed of a Christmas wedding and hers would be a dream come true if she wasn’t marrying a man she’d never met. Traveling across the country as a mail-order bride took a leap of faith, and she’s determined to make the best of her new life despite that fact her husband seems to be hiding something. But nothing she does seems to please him and Matthew’s distant despite her best intentions. When she meets a mischievous old man and takes his advice on how to make her husband happy, his ideas backfire in the worst possible ways and as Christmas draws closer, Julia begins to think leaving home may have been the worst mistake of her life.

Matthew Bailey never wanted a wife—until he saw Julia. He married her without much thought and hoped her presence would be enough to finally distract him from the fact it was the one time of year he wished he could forget. Painful memories keep him distracted and when the girl who mistook his kindness for a wedding proposal stirs up trouble, Matthew has to decide what he really wants. If its Julia, then he has to bare his soul and confront his past but dredging up those old memories is still painful. Can the love of a woman he knows nothing about be enough to make him want to live again? And will Julia stay once she’s seen the worst in him?

After the Civil War, Charleston, SC is left devoid of eligible men. Ruby Henderson and four of her closest friends decide to travel west as mail order brides to find love. Upon arriving, she instantly regrets the rash decision. Especially upon meeting her husband to be who looks more like an outlaw, than a doctor.

Trevor Collins decides to put his distrust of women aside and marry. His new bride is more beautiful than he could have imagined, which makes him wonder about her true motivation for coming west. Will his wish to be a good family man win when the ugliness of his past rears its ugly head?

Even a giving heart has its limits.

Confederate widow, Sarah Caldwell, has lost everything. Her husband. Her home. Her fortune. And now, she will lose her young daughter if she doesn’t leave Charleston before her contemptible in-laws convince a court to grant them custody. When Sarah’s four best friends decide to answer an advertisement for brides somewhere in Montana Territory, she decides to join them praying the law won’t follow.  

An injured expatriate of the Union Army, Quinn Cassidy, is now the sheriff of Angel Creek. He likes the tranquility of this little mountain town and vows to protect it. But, when five beauties from Charleston step off the stage coach, he wonders if he can. The dark-haired woman, with the little girl in tow, walked into his life and into his heart. Now, he needs a Christmas miracle to keep his new bride out of his jail. 

With no family in Charleston, Anna Tuttle decides to join her friends and become a mail-order bride. But she wasn’t prepared for the way her indulged life would change. And yet her rugged husband is doing his best to help her adjust to her new life as a ranchers wife. But she wants more.

Lonely, Levi Jackson orders a mail order bride, but instead of a strong vibrant ranching woman, he receives a pampered southern belle. Will she back out of the marriage before they’ve even had a chance to begin or can Levi help her learn how to love. 

Will the Southern Bell let Levi show her the true meaning of family and Christmas?


She's a woman who dreams of hearth and home...
He's a man with dreams as big as the Montana sky...
Together they could make those dreams come true...if she wasn't promised to another.

Caroline Bishop leaves war-ravaged Charleston behind to be a mail-order bride for a man she's never met. Meeting handsome Adam Larsen, a man who makes her pulse race with a single glance, along the way seems like a cruel twist of fate, especially when she learns he lives in the same small town she's headed to. But fate isn't through with them yet. When circumstances beyond her control once again leave her afloat, she's convinced destiny put her in Adam's path so why hasn't he asked for her hand in marriage? And why does it look as if he never will? Can a little bit of Christmas magic bring them together? Or will she once again spend the holidays alone?
Such a tiny lie… 
Desperation drove her… 
She couldn’t know the risk…

Melody stretched the truth a bit—quite a bit—when she wrote to her groom-to-be. After the death of her grandmother, Melody Fraser must quickly leave what has been her home in South Carolina. There are those in the village who think she murdered her Nana Fraser. She’s innocent but there’s talk about arrest and prosecution. To escape, this Southern belle agrees to become a mail-order bride in far away Montana. Surely things will work out, won’t they? 

Nicholas “Nick” Walker is a doctor from Boston whose wife and children were killed when mortar fire destroyed the home in which they lived. Unaware of precisely what life in western Montana will be like, he buys a medical practice far from the ravages of the Civil War. He wants a competent nurse who can assist him with operations and care for patients as his plans expand for a hospital. He wants a well-organized wife to keep him company and start a family. With his usual efficiency, he combines the two into one job description when he requests a mail-order bride.
What will it take to teach Nick that—although she isn’t what he expected—Melody is exactly what he needs?  
Can the hope and joy of Christmas light the way for two hearts devastated by war?

Elizabeth Byrd receives an invitation to join her friends in Angel Creek, Montana to become a mail-order bride. At first, the young battlefield nurse is scandalized by the idea of agreeing to marry a man she’s never met, but the war has taken everything from her — her brothers, too many friends to count, and her fiancé. There’s nothing left for her in Charleston but more heartache.

Captain David Pemberton retreats to his hunting lodge in Montana the moment the war is over. He’s looking forward to being alone with the memories of his wife who passed in the early days of the fighting. But the men of Angel Creek don’t see fit to leave a widowed soldier alone during Christmas. Insisting four years is long enough to grieve, they dare him to join them on a holiday venture to acquire wives for them all — a dare he accepts in a weak moment.

He receives the shock of his life at who steps off the stagecoach to claim his hand in marriage.
Emma Bowen and her friends have lost nearly everything to the war and starting over has been almost impossible for the Charleston women. So, when their friend, Caroline, received an encouraging letter from Julia Bailey offering a solution to their problems, they all jumped at the chance to leave the ravages of war behind.

Colin Cassidy, former Union Army captain, was reported killed in battle more than a year ago. And after what he has done, he’d rather let everyone go on thinking him dead. He’d rather spend the rest of his worthless life numbing his guilt at the bottom of a whiskey bottle than have his family learn the truth about what he's done. But when his brother, Quinn, shows up on his doorstep, he kidnaps Colin and forces him to spend Christmas in Angel Creek, Montana.

Emma desperately needs to find a purpose for her life. Colin doesn't want a life at all. Can a Christmas miracle bring two enemies together through one more Christmas miracle? 
A Southern Belle looking for peace after the war - An outlaw turned rancher, determined to start over - Can two people from opposite worlds find happiness together in Angel Creek this Christmas?

Viola Destine followed her friends to Angel Creek, Montana, only to be robbed on the stage. When a hero comes along and saves her, she has no plans to allow the outlaws to get away with stealing her possessions. 

When the stage is late, Simon Clayton needs to find out why. What he finds is a dead stage driver and a Southern Belle, but the box he is expecting is gone. Determined to get his property back, he never expects the belle to follow him into danger. Or, to fall in love with someone like Viola.

In the end, will it take a Christmas miracle to change the course of their paths? 

Ginger and spice, who longs for nice?

Ginger Legare led a wonderfully happy life until the Civil War. Now, she’s lost everything—her mother, her father, their wealth, and her home, but most importantly, her belief in happiness. When a letter arrives telling her to come to Angel Creek, Montana, she leaves hoping she’ll find a new beginning in the small town.

Preacher Flint Carroll has lived a blessed life and never grieved over a passing loved one. As a man meant to comfort and console his congregation, he has an issue understanding what true loss means. Until a sassy-mouthed redhead arrives in town and shows him life is not all roses.

Working together during the Christmas season, can he bring joy to her world while his eyes are opened to the realities of life? Or is Ginger’s past too horrific to overcome? 

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