On the very day Abraham Lincoln was assinated, he signed into law a new agency whose sole purpose was to prevent the illegal production of currency. 


These brave men and women, now agents of this newly minted commission, risked life, love and liberty to carry out its noble mission and stop the economic destruction and further unite the Post Civil War States of America.

Widower with four children seeks a wife. Salary included.

No one has ever been truer named than Miss Calamity Fortune, Miss Fortune to the citizens of Dodge City, Kansas.  Despite her very best efforts to avoid chaos and catastrophe, Calamity leaves a path of destruction in her wake.  When she inadvertently burns down the town's church on her best friend's wedding day, Calamity flees Dodge City for a new start as a mail-order bride in Trinidad, Colorado.

Must be organized, able to run a disciplined household and well-suited for children. 

Major Lucas Quinn, Retired, desperately hopes his new mail-order bride will be the answer to his prayers, namely restoring peace, tranquility and a semblance of order to his household.  Struggling to recover from a painful knee injury that cost him his career as an agent with The Secret Service Seven, an elite team of agents under Lincoln's Secret Service Agency, Lucas wants nothing more than to be left alone to nurse his wounds.

Platonic relationship guaranteed.

Much to the Major's dismay, Miss Fortune has absolutely none of the qualities he wants. She may, however, be exactly the woman he needs. If Lucas can survive Calamity's misfortune, these two lonely souls might just be able to create a home filled with passion, humor and heart.

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