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The Alphabet Mail-Order Bride Series

Safe within the walls of Madame Wigg’s Foundling Home and School for the forgotten, these young girls are nurtured and educated into productive, caring young women each one content to remain under Madame Wigg’s protection. But one day, their benevolent benefactor claims she’s dying and informs them they must leave and seek their own way in the world. However, to help their transition into the real world, she offers them a stipend of sorts. “Go out into the world and share with others the knowledge you have learned here at my school. But there is one stipulation to receiving this stipend. You must choose a husband from this newspaper advertisement. “Choose wisely.” The elderly woman counseled.


Olivia’s Obligation

Book 15 |  The Alphabet Mail Order Bride Series

Olivia Palmer has lived her entire life within the safe, protected walls of Madame Wigg’s Foundling Home and School for the forgotten. Now, her benefactor claims she’s dying and wants Olivia to choose a husband from a newspaper advertisement. “Choose wisely,” the elderly woman counseled.   Olivia takes her advice to heart. But soon, fate interrupts her carefully constructed plans and threatens her ability to keep her obligations.

Chance Garrison hates chaos. It’s the main reason he has never married. But when his beloved brother dies unexpectedly, he finds himself in a quagmire of disorder, and the only way he can regain control of his life,  and his brother’s children is to honor his brother’s marriage contract with a complete stranger and then sabotage her efforts to build her school.

Welcome to Creede, Colorado where this determined spinster school teacher and this hard-headed bachelor are forced to unite. But can they learn to work together or will their stubborn beliefs doom them to failure and force them both to abandon their dreams.   

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