I know this imposed isolation is hard on everyone.  I find myself looking for different things to do above and beyond the norm. I'm even dusting and cleaning out closets. Ugh.


This is an unprecedented and difficult time for everyone, but we've got this.  Reach out if you need help.  Reach out if you can give help. At the end of this pandemic, the only light we want to see at the end of the tunnel is the light of human kindness. 


I'd really like to know what you do to keep your family entertained and happy.


I'd love it if you would contact me through my Facebook page --- Peggy's Posse---and let me know how you and your family are hanging on through this wild and crazy ride!


Now, on to some happy news!

April's Contest Question was:

What is the first thing you plan to do when this COVID 19 Pandemic is over?

And April's Contest Winner is...

Judy Knox

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May's Question of the Month!

If you could be the lead character in a classic novel,

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