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 This bustling mountain mining town is in the midst of growing pains. Every day the Rio Grande railroad unloads more and more tourists and settlers, farmers, and ranchers. What Creede needs to grow is just about everything. More entertainment. More businesses. More services. More working men. And what did more men need to survive in this remote, high mountain mining town? Women. After all, how can a man succeed without a good woman standing beside him?

So, when the leaders of the town advertised for mail-order brides to come to Creede, they never considered what could possibly go wrong. As it turns out, just about anything.

Dear Reader,
Please note that within the pages of this historical Western romance series lies a tale of two hearts in search of a true and lasting connection. To provide an authentic depiction of this passionate journey, this author will occasionally venture into more mature territory. Using adult language of the period and brief portrayals of private moments between characters, the story is advanced through natural and realistic descriptions to depict the true nature of developing human relationships.



Chapter 1Grace
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Book 1 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Grace Sinclair grew up in the shadows of Rosie's Saloon with her three adopted sisters. When tragedy strikes, Grace is forced to run from the law and into the arms of a mail-order groom. She planned on making a new life for her and her three siblings. But the groom doesn't want a bride. Someone is playing a trick on them both when they wrote a letter to the Matrimonial News requesting a bride.

John Malone never wanted to get married again. He wasn't capable of taking care of a wife. That was obvious by the death of his first wife. Why would he want another one? But when someone writes a letter on his behalf requesting a Mail Order Bride, the law left him no choice but to honor his commitment. His only chance to gain his freedom is if his bride cannot perform her wifely duties. John intends to put this city girl to the test in the beautiful wild mountains of Mineral County, Colorado. 



Book 2 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Faith No-Name is getting a second chance at life. For the past two years, her future—indeed, her very life—has been in the hands of a talented young attorney. Now that her life is no longer hanging in the balance, she must worry about her heart for she has done the unthinkable—she’s fallen in love with the handsome Irishman. She has survived the hangman’s noose, but can she survive knowing the unfortunate circumstances of her birth is a constant reminder of the terrible tragedy his family suffered at the hands of others who looked like her?

Defending the dark-haired, doe-eyed young woman accused of murder has tested Liam O’Brien’s sense of justice in ways he never imagined. Every time he looks at her, he is reminded of the horrible raid that left his family dead. His heart is a dark tempest of rage, loathing, and guilt that makes it impossible for him to see Faith No-Name as anything other than those she resembles despite his confusing feelings for her. The more he learns about her, the more his prejudices are challenged, but letting go of his anger is not an option. Anger is all he has left holding his world together.

As Faith learns to stand tall and proud and accept who she is, Liam must learn to look past his hatred and explore his growing feelings for this beautiful young woman and accept her for who she really is, and in the end, that is a shock to them all.



Book 3 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem at first glance.

Hope Anderson has been in love with Creede’s bad boy since the first moment she laid eyes on the handsome charmer. And now, he’s given her every indication he’s going to propose. So what’s his problem? Only that he confessed in front of the whole town that he cheated with his best friend’s wife and that he’s the reason she and her newborn son are dead. Hope loves Billy in spite of his obvious flaws, but can she ever trust him to be her devoted husband or forgive him for betraying his friend?

Billy Buchanan knows what people think about him. He can see it in their faces. And yet, he would do everything all over again to keep his best friend from knowing the ugly truth about what really happened that day. But now the only other person who knows the bitter truth is back in town and hellbent to cause trouble. When Billy warns his no-good jailbird brother to leave town, Bobby sets his sights on his little brother’s girl.

Will Billy be able to protect his friend and win the woman he loves, or will he be forced to choose between his best friend’s happiness and his own?



Book 4 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Love can make a person crazy…the best kind of crazy.

Misfit and social pariah Charity Montgomery has heard it all before and she doesn’t give two hoots what anyone thinks about her rough and rowdy ways—well, no one except a certain lawman who ignores her at every turn. If there was just some way to get his attention, she knew she could convince him she was the only woman for him.

Miles Grayson has seen every kind of crazy during his years as a lawman, but he has never seen anything like the red-headed firebrand who has her sights on him—and he’s never wanted anyone more, but she’s the kind of woman who’ll get him killed. She’s a woman without boundaries and he’s a lawman who demands respect.

What can go wrong when these two opposites attract? Just about everything.



Book 5 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Fate often guides us down a troubled path toward happiness. Do we have the courage to take it?

Mary O'Brien feels at home among the Southern Mountain Ute tribe. Happy and content for the last fourteen years living among these kind and generous people, she is caught by surprise when a company of soldiers ride through the village and see her—a white woman with fiery red hair. Their commander decides she must be returned to her own kind, and soon she finds herself an outcast living among the prejudiced judgment of those who blame her for things she has no control over. All she wants to do is return to the mountains and live in peace—until an unexpected encounter in the forest changes everything.

Doc Howard is known for his holistic approach to medicine. He prefers the healing ways of the Southern Ute, but that is a secret he must hide from everyone or suffer the consequences of misguided prejudices. But when a chance encounter with a mysterious red-haired woman reveals he knows more about her past than she does, his convictions are called into question. Doc knows doing the right thing and returning her to her world will put his own world in jeopardy. As much as he tries to deny the truth, circumstances soon reveal that he must gather his courage and take a stand or his choices will no longer be his to make.

Mary and Doc—two lost souls, damaged and broken by the pain and suffering of tragic losses inflicted on their lives by forces beyond their control. Can they draw upon what’s left of their courage to put the past behind them and reach for the future, or will their fears keep them from grabbing hold of the love that could heal them both?



Book 6 | Brides of the Rio Grande

Where it all began….

Agnes Bohanan was the darling of the South. Her life was picture perfect—until the wretched Civil War took everything from her. Now, she’s an expectant widow with no family, no money, and no place to call home. But when a dear friend offers a solution, she fears she won't be able to pay the price he’s demanding.

Hiram Hanover is an up-and-coming attorney from one of Boston’s most elite families. With his family’s wealth at his fingertips, nothing can keep him from reaching his dreams. But when he learns the beautiful woman he's loved for so long is alone and in serious trouble, he must devise a plan to save her.

Will his solution tear their precious friendship apart or can he convince this woman who has lost so much to take one more chance—on him?

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