Series-Brides of  the Rio Grande

 Creede, Colorado 


This bustling mountain mining town is in the midst of growing pains. Every day the Rio Grande railroad unloads more and more tourists and settlers, farmers and ranchers. What Creede needed more than anything was more of everything. More entertainment. More businesses. More services. More--women. After all, the town wouldn't sustain its manpower without women.

The leaders of the town decide the only way to encourage women to come to this remote mining town was to advertise for them. After all, what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, just about everything.


Grace Sinclair grew up in the shadows of Rosie's Saloon with her three adopted sisters. When tragedy strikes, Grace is forced to run from the law and into the arms of a mail order groom. She planned on making a new life for her and her three siblings. But the groom doesn't want a bride. Someone is playing a trick on them both when they wrote a letter to the Matrimonial News requesting a bride.
John Malone never wanted to get married again. He wasn't capable of taking care of a wife. That was obvious by the death of his first wife. Why would he want another one? But when someone writes a letter on his behalf requesting a Mail Order Bride, the law left him no choice but to honor his committment. His only chance to gain his freedom is if his bride cannot perform her wifely duties. John intends to put this city girl to the test in the beautiful wild mountains of Mineral County, Colorado. 
Faith No Name grew up in an orphanage in the shadows of Rosie's Saloon. When the orphanage closed down, Faith and her three adopted sisters, Grace, Hope and Charity, took shelter under the gregarious Rosie O'Donaghue's employment. The four of them cooked, cleaned and dealt the occasional poker hand to Rosie's clientele. But when Faith's native american heritage makes her a target of abuse and she is forced to protect her virtue, Rosie devises a plan to help them all avoid the gallows. 
Liam  O'Brien was left to fend for himself after an Indian raid in Oklahoma Territory killed his parents and carried  off his younger sister right before his eyes. For years, Liam blamed himself . He worked at odd jobs until his uncle,  Mr. Hiram Hanover, an attorney from  Creede, Colorado found him and sent him to law school back east. Now Liam is working for his uncle, doing his best to seek justice for those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. 
Now, the Hanover Law Offices has a new client--an orphaned indian woman accused of murder. She's been found guilty of killing a man to protect herself. Sentenced to five years probation under Mr. Hanover's careful watch, will Liam overcome his own prejudices and defend this fragile woman against a whole town or will he exact his own revenge for his family's murder?  
Hope Anderson has been in love with Creede’s bad boy since the first moment she laid eyes on him. And now, he’s given her every indication he’s going to propose. So what’s the problem? He confessed in front of the whole town that he cheated with his best friend’s wife and that he’s the reason she and her newborn son are dead. Hope loves Billy in spite of his obvious flaws, but can she ever trust him to be her devoted husband or forgive him for betraying his friend?

Billy Buchanan knows what most people think about him. He can see it in their faces. And yet, he would do everything all over again if he could keep his best friend from knowing the ugly truth about what really happened that day. But now the only other person who knows the truth is back in town and itching to cause trouble. Can Billy win Hope’s love and keep his secret, or will he have to choose between his best friend’s happiness and his own?
Misfit and social pariah Charity Montgomery has heard it all before and she doesn’t give two hoots what everyone thinks about her rough and rowdy ways—well, no one except a certain lawman who ignores her at every turn. If there was just some way to get his attention, she knew she could convince him she was the only woman for him.

Miles Grayson has seen every kind of crazy during his ten years as a lawman, but he has never seen anything like the red-headed firebrand who has her sights on him—and he’s never wanted anyone more even though she’s the kind of woman who’ll get him killed. 

She’s a woman without boundaries. He’s a lawman who demands respect. What can go wrong when these two opposites attract? Just about everything.
Mary-Part One
Coming February 2020

Mary O'Brien was only ten years old when she was kidnapped and marked as a slave by the same renegade warriors who murdered her family. But now, her past has returned and she’s been reunited with the brother she thought long dead. She should be happy, and yet—can she survive in this so-called civilized world where her every move is judged?


Doc Howard has had his share of heartache—and secrets. When his father died, Doc returned to the San Juan mountains to learn the holistic ways of healing from his mother’s people. He thought he could walk the fine line between both worlds without having to choose one over the other. But when he meets a beautiful red-headed woman full of courage, he learns that a man must take a stand or his choices will be made for him.

Coming April 2020

Where it all began…. She was the darling of the South and her life was picture perfect—until the war took everything—her parents, her husband, her home. Now, she’s an expectant mother with no place to go and no way to support herself and her baby. Just when she thought all was lost, someone she once considered a friend offers her a solution. But is she willing to pay the price he’s demanding?

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