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Cowboy in the Countryside

The Cowboys
Cahill Cattle Company

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In the turbulent year of 1850, as America's vast plains beckoned with promises of freedom and fortune, one resilient Irish immigrant family set out on an arduous journey to the Lone Star State.

Now, this tight-knit family finds themselves at a crossroads in the 21st century. As technology advances and the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the pull of tradition and the allure of progress clash with an era defined by rapid change and relentless modernization. The Cahill family stands as a beacon of tradition and resilience as they valiantly strive to preserve their time-honored heritage in a fast-paced world.


The Cahill Cattle Company Series is a story of courage, sacrifice, and unbreakable familial bonds.

Peggy McKenzie
writes hot, steamy cowboy romance as NIKKI MALONE
Where Love Becomes Legendary

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Comin' In Hot

Stilettos. Spurs. And one sizzlin’ hot Texas night…


Julie Foster is not afraid of hard work and when her boss promises her a seat on the board of his prestigious law firm, she jumps at the chance…until she hears his conditions. Now she must decide if the cost of success is worth the price—to her reputation and her soul.


Rodeo champion, Cord Cahill, is proud of his family’s name, and for four generations, his Irish ancestors have done whatever it took to protect the Cahill legacy against thieves and outlaws. But unlike when the West was wild, it isn’t as easy to spot an outlaw, especially when they’re disguised in designer suits and smokin’ hot red stilettos.


What happens when two worlds collide and everything’s at stake? Read Comin’ In Hot to find out!

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Heartache. Heros.  And an unexpected homecoming...


In the quiet, sun-kissed pine woods of East Texas, he was known simply as Jack Cahill, the rugged cowboy with dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Now, his dreams have come true. He should be happy...but regret leaves a bitter taste when he realizes that the bright lights he sought pale in comparison to the one woman his heart can't let go. The trouble was she'd turned down his proposal and ordered him out of town.


Cassie Cooper is hanging on by a thread. Her widowed father has dementia, her twin brothers are a handful, and she's running their bankrupt ranch solo until her older brother comes home from deployment overseas. And to top that off, Hollywood Cowboy Jack Cahill is coming home for a visit. She should have told him about Drew when she'd first found out she was expecting, but she didn't want him to come home because of the baby. She wanted him to stay because of her.

Cassie and Jack must confront the choices they made and the love that never truly faded. Cassie's hidden secret has become a ticking time bomb, and as the truth unravels, they must grapple with the consequences of their actions all those years ago. Can they can rewrite their story, turning unanswered questions into lasting promises, or is it too late to turn back time? 

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