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It wasn’t me…

Note From Peggy

I love washi tape. That papery semi-sticky substance on a cardboard roll that comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns. And sparkles. We all know I love anything that sparkles. My friend, Hildie McQueen, is the guilty party that introduced me to washi tape some years ago much to my husband’s dismay. She showed me how to decorate my publishing calendar to suit my personality. I had no idea I would get such joy out of something so small. But…I wasn’t the only one.

This picture is of my eight-pound Pomeranian, Madelyn Rose, aka Maddie. She’s cute and friendly and full of attitude, and she too has discovered the joy of washi tape.

As you can see from the picture on the right, her bed is full of rolls she purloined from the case while I wasn’t watching. She insisted it wasn’t her, but it would appear she’s found her joy in washi tape by punching her teeth through the rolls making them useless to me.

Perhaps I can find a new purpose for these Pomeranian purloined, perforated rolls in their altered state. Any suggestions?



This Month’s Recipe

Cheesy Keto Pizza Cups

Healthy Snack Time-Keto Friendly

I love cheese! And, one of the best reasons to eat keto is to consume all the cheese you can eat! The crust on these mini pizzas contains coconut and almost flour which makes it in line with a low-carb menu. I’ll be honest, I’m not crazy about those two things, but in this snack, you don’t even notice them. And, I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen making snacks in the summer. I just like to eat them. These are quick and easy, my friends!


Peggy’s Bookshelf

Self-Help Book


My Thoughts on the Book…

It’s a great book for urban gardeners who want to grow their own plants in a very small space. Join me on my Facebook Posse group (link below) to see a picture of my own raised bed gardens…and the delicious bounty I’m enjoying.



Join the Posse to get exclusive content and contests all year long!


This Month’s Feature

of Emerson Pass / The School Mistress

An impoverished young woman. A lonely father of five. Will they be able to resist when a cadre of optimistic children start matchmaking?

Colorado, 1910. Quinn Cooper can’t help feeling uneasy. But securing a job as a schoolmarm in a tiny frontier town was the only way to save her family from starvation back in Boston.

The School Mistress is the delightful first book in the Emerson Pass Historicals sweet romance series. If you like gallant nobles, resilient heroines, and hints of mystery, then you’ll adore Tess Thompson’s Edwardian adventure in the Old West.


This Month’s Contest Question

Who the heck is Hank?


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Peggy McKenzie

Peggy McKenzie is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Western Romance Author.


She started her writing career at age 61 and has authored over 20 books in just 6 years. She has sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide.

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