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Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Note From Peggy

I got started late as a writer. I won’t give away my age, but let’s just say I’m not a spring chicken. When I started writing, I was naive enough to believe that all I had to do to be a successful writer was write books. Silly me! With social media, advertising, and marketing so important for a writer to be seen in the sea of millions of products, I realized I had to step up my game and learn something new. I had to learn something totally out of my wheelhouse and I’m doing just that. So, if you see a new look on my website, social media posts, or blogs, just know that’s me, an old dog, learning new tricks.


This Month’s Recipe

Easy recipes to throw together for last-minute guests

Surprised by unexpected guests? Don’t panic! Here’s why…


Peggy’s Bookshelf

Self-Help Book

This book is incredibly helpful for those of us who know what our goals are, and even if we have the ability to identify tasks and prioritize them, we don’t always have the day-to-day follow thru. This book will help you learn to initiate small changes that will lead to big results.



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This Month’s Feature

To Love A Lawman Series / Texas Honor

Charlotte Johnson spent most of her adult life working as a bartender and occasional card dealer in the Holy Moses Saloon. And in all those years, she had made it crystal clear to anyone who pushed that she wasn’t one of the upstairs girls. But one night, she was forced to defend herself against a persistent customer who refused to take no for an answer. As a last resort, she hit him over the head with a spittoon bucket. It wasn’t the first time she’d defended herself this way, but this time something went terribly wrong. Now, the man was dead. She was shocked by his death, but not nearly as shocked when the dead man’s brother hired a crooked judge to sentence her to three years in a women’s prison. She had no choice but to run. A widower with three angry children hell-bent on punishing him for their mother’s death, U.S. Marshal, Jeremy Maxwell, feels like a man twice his age. He’s painfully aware he's walking a fine line between a responsible father and a dedicated lawman. So, when a stranger arrives in his town in trouble and needing help, he’s convinced she’s the answer to his prayers. Her kind heart and beguiling eyes are what he’s been searching for. But soon, his lawman’s intuition tells him there’s something she’s not telling, and although the man in him wants to protect this woman no matter what, the lawman in him knows he has a duty to learn her secrets. It’s simple. All he has to do is decide what matters most. His sense of duty or the love of this woman who may very well be the ruin of everything he holds dear.


Contest QUestion

In my latest book in the To Love A Lawman Series,


what was Doctor Harvey’s assistant’s first name?


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Peggy McKenzie

Peggy McKenzie is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Western Romance Author.


She started her writing career at age 61 and has authored over 20 books in just 6 years. She has sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide.

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