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What if famous Western historical figures had social media?

Sometimes when I'm trying to come up with an idea for a new book or just simmering on the plot I already have, my strange mind often wanders around the universe cherry picking random thoughts and ideas. Often, my brain rolls off the rails and comes up with off-the-wall ideas. Today's post stems from one of those random walks through my imagination. What if famous historical western figures had social media? What would that look like? Let’s grab hold of our hats and ride back to the good ole' Wild West, but this time, let's give it a modern twist. Ask yourself this question, how would the rugged, notorious figures of the American West fare in today's digital landscape? Here's a whimsical look at how these cowboy legends might have used social media.

Billy the Kid on SnapChat

The infamous outlaw known as Billy the Kid would likely find Snapchat as his platform of choice. His username, @TheKidSnaps, would feature daily stories showcasing his latest escapades, hideout locations (in a very cryptic manner, of course), and his various disguises. Expect lots of face filters to hide his identity and quick snippets of him practicing his quick-draw skills. His snap streaks would be legendary, but he'll never tell who he's keeping them with.

Annie Oakley on Instagram

@SharpShooterAnnie would be an Instagram sensation. Think about it. She was quite the larger-than-life persona herself, but what if she added her marksmanship with a sharp sense of humor. Annie Oakley's feed would feature video clips of her trick shots, target practice sessions, and behind-the-scenes looks at her traveling show life. Her bio would read, "Phenomenal woman, sharpshooter, star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West." She would definitely make use of Instagram's "Close Friends" feature for her inner circle.

Wyatt Earp on LinkedIn

Wyatt Earp would take to LinkedIn under the handle @LawmanEarp. His profile would showcase his experiences as a peace officer in various Wild West towns, endorsements for his conflict resolution skills, and recommendations from local business owners and deputies. He'd publish articles on law enforcement strategies and the importance of maintaining order, and he might even host webinars on conflict resolution in lawless territories. Yeah, I could see him doing all of this while he was rounding up the bad guys at the OK Corral.

Calamity Jane on Twitter

With the handle @CalamityTweets, Calamity Jane would share her adventures and misadventures in the Wild West. Her tweets would range from poetic observations of the plains to biting commentary on the challenges of being a woman in a man-dominated world. Expect hashtags like #FrontierLife and #TrueGrit, and a mix of tough love and tender moments. She’d retweet and engage with fellow frontiersmen and women, sharing tales and supporting their endeavors while expecting the same loves, likes and views on her Twitter pages.

Doc Holliday on Facebook

The gambler, gunfighter, and dentist, Doc Holliday would probably be a Facebook expert, using his page to share poker tips, gunfighting techniques, and occasional dental advice. His profile, @DocHollidayDentist-Gunslinger, would feature a mix of historical photos, quotes from his days in Tombstone, and events for high-stakes poker games. Expect him to be active in groups dedicated to gambling strategies, Old West history, and tuberculosis support. And, if you need a tooth pulled, he's your man.

and then there's Charity, Book Four, Brides of the Rio Grande Series.

Charity Montgomery on TikTok

Charity's username would probably be something like @CrazyLadyof Creede and just as she storms her way through life, she would probably storm her way through her videos sharing short, frenetic clips with snippets of her life--from cracking the whip at first light to target practice toward a man's below-the-belt region she had drawn on the side of a barn. And, since Charity is a self-proclaimed expert on just about everything, (if you don't believe me, just ask her!) she would include some quick tutorials like how to clean a gun, how to saddle a horse, and how to cook hearty meals while fighting off a pack of wolves out on the open range. She would also include a few tips on how to outsmart even the wilest outlaw. Yep, that's our Charity! Buy here!

So, there you have it. While our cowboys are rooted in the past, just imagine them navigating today’s digital devices. And navigating today's social platforms offers a humorous way to reflect on their legacies. Most of the names mentioned above were people of their time, but their stories and personas continue to capture our imaginations. So, next time you scroll through your social media feeds, spare a thought for these icons of the Wild West and smirk at how proficient you are. Never thought you could outdo Billy the Kid, did you? :)




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