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Where am I going next?

Note From Peggy

There’s been some pretty serious speculation among writers about what to write next. Western romance? Science fiction romance? Fantasy? Victorian? Contemporary romance? It’s just one big melting pot out there right now. So, where am I going next? I’m not sure. I suppose it depends on what my readers are interested in. Click here and let’s talk. I’d like your opinion as to the kind of books you like to read. And if you post your answer in my Posse Facebook group, I’ll enter you to win in this week’s contest. Check out this week’s prize below!


This Month’s Recipe

Tasty Fruit Salad

Salad Recipe

Why I am adding it…I like fruit. I mean, it’s okay, but for a dessert…just plain fruit is, well boring! So, I go on Hellmann’s website to find ways to spruce up my summer fruit. Here’s a great recipe if you’re trying to eat light and still want a rich flavor. Enjoy!


Peggy’s Bookshelf

Self-Help Book

My Thoughts on the Series…

I like this author’s voice. She’s a no-nonsense author who shares a common-sense approach to some of life’s most difficult hurdles. Check this series out for what ails you!



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This Month’s Feature

The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle / To Deceive a Highlander

He married the wrong sister. . . or did he?

Laird Haydon Sutherland has made up his mind. 'Tis time to marry and he has offered marriage to Lady Elsbeth Johnstone, a quiet, demure lass who will never cause him a day of worry.

Lady Ainslee Johnstone, Elsbeth's feisty, stubborn twin will not allow the marriage to take place. The arrogant, fierce Sutherland will destroy her sweet sister, so they switch places on the wedding day.

Let the battles begin…


Contest QUestion

Which Sheffield twin is the practical one?

What’s this week’s prize?

An awesome blinged-up sparkle keychain from my trip to Nashville…AND, a $5.00 gift card from Amazon!!


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Peggy McKenzie

Peggy McKenzie is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Western Romance Author.


She started her writing career at age 61 and has authored over 20 books in just 6 years. She has sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide.

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