Series-Brides of the Rio Grande

Historical 1882-1887

 This series takes place in Creede, Colorado and Del Norte, Colorado.  The town is facing a manpower shortage. Since the entire region is populated with miners, farmers, ranchers, businessmen, and a lawman or two, the town decides the only way to keep their town growing and thriving is to bring in the one thing in short supply---women.

Series-Langley's Legacy

Historical 1850-2018

“Beare and Forebeare” (be patient and endure)


Meet the Langley’s who’ve traveled from their homeland of Ireland with only what they could carry. Along with the meager possessions brought from their homeland of Ireland, were a piece of lace and a silver pocket watch with the family motto “Beare and Forebeare” inscribed inside.

When the Langley’s settled in New Dawn Springs, Oregon, little did they suspect the land would be a legacy to those who would come after them and that the land would be owned by the family for generations to come. 

Follow the Langley’s rich family history through the years as told through the wonderful storytelling voices of these six bestselling authors. 


1850 - Finn’s Fortune - Kathleen Tighe Ball

1875 - Patrick’s Proposal - Hildie McQueen

1899 - Donovan’s Deceit - Kathy Shaw

1933 - Aidan’s Arrangement - Peggy McKenzie

1968 - Heath’s Homecoming - Merry Farmer

Present - Collin’s Challenge - Sylvia McDaniel

Series-Angel Creek Christmas Brides

Historical 1886

Five women decide to leave Charleston after the civil war leaves them with no chance of getting married since most of the eligible men are dead or old. They decide to travel together to Angel Creek, Montana and that is where the stories begin!

Charity-Sylvia McDaniel

Julia - Lily Graison

Ruby - Hildie McQueen

Sarah - Peggy McKenzie

Anna - Everly West

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